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Past Experiences

Sherry, I want to thank you so much for your hard work putting the finishing touches on our condo in Kingsmill to get it ready for sale. Your decorating taste and attention to detail shows through your work very well, whether it’s a small job or larger job!  It’s always nice working with you because I know you will complete the job on time and at a very reasonable cost. I feel like you always go the extra mile.  We will definitely continue to use MiCasaSoldCasa again whenever the opportunity presents itself!!  Thank you again,

     Tara Biggs Home Solutions of VA, Inc

Tara Biggs, HSVA, Inc. - Investors

I met Sherry several years ago. I always knew she had a certain flair about her. But, her zest for design and wanting give my home a certain look and feel was uncompromised. It was then that I hired her to help me with my new home. Her first job (painting an ornate fireplace in my new home) was meticulously and magnificently.  Afterwards, her work with furniture restoration, organization and decorating made house felt more like my home.  When I sold my home, Sherry’s staging helped make the rooms in my home inviting and ‘sellable’  Ive also witnessed the countless hours she puts in getting to really know her clients....the ones that want to sell their homes and the ones that she's helping to find a home. I highly recommend Sherry for any and all aspects of staging, organizing, selling or buying your home.   Patti Gandy

Patti Gandy, Private Client

Thank you for your Staging and design help! I have to say from the first day you walked through the door at the Armistead house you made an immediate impact.  Your detailed ideas were not only cost effective but most importantly the home’s price and showing improved. The sellers were totally amazed at the fresh new look you created with mostly paint, cleaning, and a few inexpensive light fixtures. Of course, being a certified designer, the paint colors you recommended were spot on and gave the home the “wow factor” it needed to sell quickly. As a result, we got a full price offer in just 3 weeks on the market. Your cost for staging is very affordable, but equally important, the high level of service and professionalism you deliver is priceless! I can’t wait to work with you again…
Thank you!!   X Bryan Garrett Realty

Xavier Bryan, Garrett Realty Partners

First,  you're really lucky!  You have  found someone who is trustworthy, client focused and experienced. Sherry has "the eye".  She did an amazing job.  She staged my home so potential buyers wanted to move in right away. I found out buyers want to look at a home to see themselves living there.  Sherry has the ability to look at a house  and make it desirable to the masses.  She staged some rooms in my home completely.  In others rooms, she used my furniture and accessories.  In the end, it looked amazing and my home sold quickly!

Marcia Woodford, Home Seller

My grandmother’s house was on the market for months without much interest. The house was left just as it was when she passed away; the thought of moving one item to my sister, was heartbreaking. The entire family was so emotional there were too many options. It was a typical grandmother’s home where you felt comfortable; photos of all her family members over the years, personal items from her long beautiful life.  I finally met with Sherry to see why she thought it wasn’t selling, because it was an old home that has been well kept gorgeous wooden floors that were shining, solid wooden doors with knobs made out of cut glass. Sherry took one look and as hard as it was to hear she told all of us what had to be done. My family and I had to empty the house, pack it up, store everything we did not want to keep.  We had to let go of the past and stage the house to appeal to the clients. Sherry suggested that we use her staging furniture, art work, rugs, accessories that had a much more modern, spacious, and appealing design then my grandmother older décor that the family loved. Buyers want to see a space where they can envision their life.  Sherry reminded us "you are selling them the house not the memories".  Once the staging was complete the house sold within 2 weeks over the asking price. It takes a smart cookie like Sherry to know the hard decisions that have to be made and carry the out. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Carole Hughes, Home Seller working with Senior Real Estate Specialist

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